Remixes by Dosem, Jamie Stevens & Steve Ward

Beatport exclusive

I find my place high above the busy streets as I always do. A place that for so long has been my chasm of solace; a beautifully concealed illusion that renders me invisible to all around me. It greets me as it always does, hello old friend, I take my seat, close my eyes and breathe. Read More

Chameleon005: SQL – A Muse in My Void of Insanity

Remixes by Nicolas Masseyeff & Jamie Stevens

Beatport exclusive

I traverse the caverns of my vast subterranean mind. I am searching. Looking for clues to the latest puzzle that toys with my brain. Although I have been here many times before, each time I have left I am no more accustomed to the code of this paradox than that of when I came. Read More

Chameleon004: Steve Ward – Footprints To a Forgotten World

Remixes by Technasia & Markus Fix

Beatport exclusive

The rhythm of the gentle breeze triggers a feeling of familiarity. Like the calm before a storm, it evokes a sense of what’s to come but in this moment, a question of something felt once before. Read More

Chameleon003: Thankyou City – The Riddle at Fortunes Pass

Remixes by Tom Clark & Fiord

Beatport exclusive

The seduction begins with but a simple glance. Catching the eye of your heart and whispering into the ear of your soul. Alluring you along a path. A journey forward but confronting you with a journey deep within. Read More

Chameleon002: Jamie Stevens – Fate of The Modern Architect

Remixes by Egbert & Steve Ward.

Beatport, iTunes, Juno

An image defined by the simplification of the form and elimination of unnecessary detail. A thought process that creates landscape and renders space. An idea. Whispering in the ear of ambition. Read More

Chameleon001: Steve Ward – The Window Between Us & Them

Remixes by Peter Horrevorts & Jamie Stevens.

12" Vinyl, Beatport, iTunes, Juno

Featured on Dave Seaman - Global Underground 39 'Lithuania' Compilation

Inspired beginnings spawned from a place of asylum. Read More