Electronic Music Academy

For more info contact Scott : info@electronicmusicacademy.com.au www.electronicmusicacademy.com.au Read More

Killing Time Bar

DJ T wrote: Killing Time. what can I say: it’s impossible not to fall in love with the place. This was probably the closest I ever came to that certain Sunday afternoon vibe of a few, special Berlin venues – on the other side of the globe. Read More

Wabi Sabi

Our friends at Wabi Sabi: Winners of the 2010 Best Japanese Restaurant in Victoria Read More

Gem Records – Bookings – Sessions

Our good friends from The Netherlands.

Their Gem Sessions parties in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague are jam packed every weekend featuring their own artists from Gem Bookings such as Secret Cinema, Peter Horrevorts, Egbert, Remy, Ramon Tapia, Van Anh and Pyscatron. Read More

Melbourne Techno Collective

The Melbourne Techno Collective was founded in 2002 as an outlet for Melbourne techno DJs and live acts. Read More

Haul Music

Haul Music is the heart-child of Australia electronic musicians Christian Vance, Craig McWhinney and Mike Callander Read More

Beef Records

Born in Prague, managed in Sydney. BEEF is an international label with the power to turn any vegetarian into a meat lover. Do you have enough BEEF in your diet? Read More

Deepermotions Music

Established in 2007, Deepermotions is an Australian-based digital record label focused on releasing forward-thinking deep house with musical edge. Read More

Durham White

We will be holding an online exhibition of a exclusive collection of Durham's work in our online gallery space soon.

Welcome to a different perspective…
… one that starts from nature ~ the photograph… Read More

Spook Magazine

It’d be fair to say that Spook Magazine is a bit of a publishing sensation.

Founded by three friends in Melbourne just over a year ago, in this time they’ve put out four amazing issues, secured international distribution, smashed all kinds of sales records and generally raised expectations for how well a new magazine should perform. Read More

Kiss FM

Kiss FM is the premier electronic music network in Australia and have been a long supporter of our artists, our music and record label Read More

Pinksilver Music

Pinksilver is dedicated to releasing avant-garde electronic music that can be enjoyed both at home as well as the dancefloor, music that sits within modern, off-beat house & hypnotic techno. Read More

GoldenHen Creative

Art Directors

The creative minds behind the Chameleon design. Read More