Tom Clark

Tom’s passion for music began at an early age when he used to play a mix of Hip Hop, Disco, NDW and Rock on Cassette Recorders and one turntable at school parties. His class mates loved it, and so he became a DJ. He soon refined his taste in music: Black Music, Hip Hop, Chicago house and of course those amazing first Detroit records defined his style.

At the beginning of the 90’s he began a mini club night with some friends which gave his Dj career a real push.

He was booked more and more for after-hours and parties until the larger clubs began to notice him. His reputation as an untiring, precise and emotional DJ soon brought him residencies at two of the cities most important clubs which have characterized Berlin as being the Technocity No 1worldwide: The Tresor and the E-Werk.

Tom founded the now no longer existing label “Gold Plate Music” with a friend in 1997 to give the new Berlin club sound a platform. Highgrade Records was founded in 2000, a label with which he wants to take minimal house music to another level and discover new sounds. In ten years of Highgrade’s existence it has become his main assignment to pick out the tracks, find new and exciting acts and take care of his artists. He puts together networks of like minded artists and DJ’s and is planning label nights with befriended labels like Freak ‘n’ Chic and Wagon Repair at the legendary Berghain.

He found the true friends and partners in Todd Bodine and Mariana Luzardo who have helped him to make the label as successful as it is today. Highgrade is constantly evolving over the years, working on an array of different projects and is loved and respected for its minimal and powerful Tech-House sound.

Tom is booked worldwide as a DJ and has played every country in Europe, whilst becoming renowned in Australia. He has been booked in small intimate clubs as well as large Open Air Festivals “Down Under”. Tom plays regularly at the Panorama Bar, Berghain, Watergate, Arenaclub and at the best after-hours in Berlin.

His DJ sets have become synonymous for intense, diverse and suspenseful club nights. His style varies from minimal deep tech/house, Detroit Techno, Electro and House. So of course producing his own music was just a matter of time. Next to producing his own music he also does remixes for International top acts and has been featured on various imprints. His first album “King Tide” was released on the Swiss Minimal House label Morris/ Audio. Since that, he has released various Maxi’s on Morris/Audio and other labels. His second album “Service Station” was released on Highgrade in 2006. Although being extremely busy with his label and club work he has still found the time to finish his third album “Pressure Points”. An album which shows his musical development. In June 2010 he got the successful premiere of Highgrade’s five piece “Highgrade Disharmonic Orchestra Live”, a laptop orchestra consisting of fellow label artists like Todd Bodine and Markus Homm. So we can definitely look forward to what Tom has in store for us next.

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