Robbie Byrne

He is a Chameleon journeyman of a different order. Travelling with his comrades to translate their sounds and interpret the scenes of their course. He is a storyteller, careful to craft his words with meticulous purpose so that they may accurately tell the tale to those who follow his colleagues along their way. Trekking the jungle trails of his mind, he discovers new places that act to ignite inspiration from within alternate world in which he resides. He rests at a high peak and tries to calm his racing mind. Watching as the mist slowly rises, the vision of his mind’s eye becomes clear to unveil a vast landscape. And as he looks out across the world before him, he smiles as this is the place where he finds his purpose, the place where he learns what he needs to say. Basking in a sea of thought and emotion, forever lost but forever found.

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