Oblique Industries

Winner of the 2011 Richie Hawtin Remix competition.

Throughout his impressive career, Ryan has performed at some of Australia’s premier music festivals, all the time crossing, blending, and obscuring the boundaries of genre & style. Memorable performances include Rainbow Serpent Festival, Cairns Winter Solstice Festival, Subsonic Music Festival, Tribeadelic Gathering, Maitreya Festival, Earthcore Global Carnival and Earthdance as well as playing his role as Australian percussionist for Kaya Project (Interchill/UK).

>>>oblique_industries music is available through French label BUS records, Canada’s Interchill and Finland’s Planetaria Recordings and Austalia’s own Subsonic Music, with more tracks slated for release soon on Chameleon and Open Records.

Ryan also hosts a radio program called Sonic Origami, playing a diverse selection of cutting-edge electronic music, on Melbourne radio station PBS FM

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